REVIEW: Skinfood Vita Fit Poreless Cushion (No.2 Natural Skin)

Disclaimer: This product was provided by Q-depot but all thoughts and opinions provided in this review are my own honest view.

I was very kindly sent this cushion to try by Q-depot, a Korean cosmetic online shop. As you know by now, I love cushion compacts, but I’ve still never tried one from Skinfood so I was eager to see how this performs.

Skinfood Vita Fit Poreless Cushion |  SPF50/PA+++

Shade 02 Natural Skin |  Retail price in Korea: KRW20,000 (£13.50) | 15g of product (No refill included)


Skinfood has a few different cushions but in their Vita Fit line there are 3 types with specific functions:

  1. Vita Fit Coverlasting cushion – long lasting and higher coverage than the other two
  2. Vita Fit Serum Glow cushion – has the most dewy, moisturising finish but coverage is the lowest
  3. Vita Fit Poreless cushion – for pore control and to manage skin unevenness

I initially wanted to try the Coverlasting cushion because it always piques my interest when a cushion claims to be long-lasting and have high coverage, since many cushions typically aren’t. However, it wasn’t in stock at the time so I went for the next best option.

The Vita Fit Poreless cushion originally retails for $23.51/(£18) on Q-depot, and comes in 3 shades: light, natural and beige which is equivalent to no.13, 21 and 23 in the Korean shade system. I opted for no.2 natural skin aka 21. I’m usually inbetween 21-23 but since it’s summer and I’ve gotten a bit darker, no.2 natural skin is a bit too light. It colour matches to my skin ever so slightly (doesn’t really oxidise), so after the rest of my makeup application it isn’t too noticeably lighter than my neck, but it would be a much closer fit during the colder months. I do like that it leans very neutral so it’s neither too pink based nor brings out the yellow in my skin too much.

Embossed patterns on the front prevent it from looking like a boring white cushion

Shade 02 Natural Skin

Very slim flat cushion case

The cushion doesn’t come in any box packaging and is simply sealed with plastic around the rim to prevent it from opening. There is minimal information regarding the cushion except it has the standard 3 functions of whitening, sun protection and wrinkle improvement. I do like the minimalistic white design with the embossed pattern that reminds me of an EKG (zig zags on a heart monitor), and it’s much slimmer and a little wider than many other cushion compacts.

The air puff isn’t the best I’ve used but it’s soft and applies the product evenly. Upon first application the finish looks smooth and really nice but it takes a bit of time to dry down and even when it does it never sets fully so while it doesn’t feel too tacky, it does transfer quite easily. If I blot with a tissue during the day, I do tend to get a lot of transfer onto it. I’m not too keen on the smell either as it’s sweet but also reminds me of the smell of rubber car tyres. It’s not unbearable though and I can’t detect it after I’ve applied it on my face.

Tightly sealed with a sticker seal

I do like the finish as it’s very natural with a bit of a glow on the high points of your face. It has medium coverage with 1 application but when I have more cheek redness and darker pigmentation it covers about 90% only so I do use a concealer on top or I build up to another layer. (I don’t have very obvious pores to begin with so I can’t attest whether it’s effective at concealing larger pores but mine aren’t visible through this). Also, if you have very uneven textured skin, this isn’t the type of foundation to gloss over and blur them.


Before & after application

Swatch initially looks very yellow but on application its actually neutral and doesn’t look too warm

I have normal skin that gets dehydrated as the day wears on but this cushion feels comfortable and not at all heavy on my skin. I do start to get a bit of tightness from dehydration around the 8/9 hour mark but that’s typical with me and most cushions. The longevity is decent but the formula of the cushion is quite oily because at the 2 hour mark my nose and forehead already look shiny. By 4 hours (without powder or primer) it starts to feel greasy too, so I definitely have to blot by this point. My t-zone typically gets more oily during the day but not so drastically or so quickly. This is quite surprising since I assume a poreless cushion means that it helps with pores and oil control. The foundation also slowly breaks down after about 4 hours so it doesn’t look as smooth as initially and tends to gather around the sides of my nose. I’ve had worse break down with other cushions however, so this longevity still impresses me.

Overall, I do like this cushion and is better than I thought it would be coming from an affordable roadshop brand. Skinfood is well known for its popular White Grape Fresh foundation so perhaps this shouldn’t come as such a surprise. It doesn’t provide flawless, pore blurring type of coverage and you will see textural skin imperfections through it, but I still think its a decent cushion which provides good coverage, evens out skintone really well and is comfortable to wear. I think this would work for all skin types except maybe if you’re very oily, but I do recommend setting with powder or use a mattifying/oil-control primer regardless to extend the longevity and keep the oil at bay for longer. I think the oil would be less of a problem if I wore this cushion in winter.  It’s definitely one of the better roadshop cushions at its price point and this has made me eager to try the coverlasting version even more.

If you’d like to try this cushion from Q-depot or purchase any other Korean skincare and makeup, you can use the code below to get 10% off your first order.

I’m really impressed with this Korean cosmetic store as they have a wide variety of brands, carry a large range of products and have frequent discount sales. They are also based and ship out of Korea so they are a trustworthy site to order from because you can be sure of getting authentic and genuine Korean products. In addition, they offer free shipping over USD49 and I always prefer to buy from sites that offer this because I know exactly how much I’m paying for upfront and don’t get hit with a high shipping cost right at the end of checkout. The website is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate around and I really respect that they donate 3% of their net profit for social causes. I will definitely be making a purchase from them in future.

(Please note: I have not been sponsored to say anything about Q-depot. These are simply my thoughts and observations from browsing around their website).

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