LANEIGE Milkyway Fantasy 2016 Holiday Collection – BB Cushion + Lip Sleeping Mask

For the festive Christmas season, Laneige has released a fantastic limited edition holiday collection titled ‘Milkyway Fantasy’, featuring a beautiful swirling galaxy design.

The whole collection includes skincare and makeup – some newly released products, as well as existing popular Laneige products that have been repackaged in the new limited edition design. I really wanted to splurge on the entire collection but self-control won out in the end, so I only picked out the two products I was super eager to try: the BB Cushion_Whitening and the Apple Lime Lip Sleeping Mask.


Song Hye Kyo – Laneige spokesmodel. Her beauty just makes me want to buy everything Laneige has.

The Milkyway Fantasy collection includes:


  • Milkyway Fantasy BB Cushion _Whitening – comes in 3 shades no.13, 21 and 23. (No refill).
  • Milkyway Fantasy Two Tone Lip Bar – 2 new limited edition shades with a marbling effect: No.1 Bloody Dress and No.2 Mystic Rose. (I own 4 shades already and these 2 colours honestly don’t look too different from some of them).
  • Milkyway Fantasy Two Tone Shadow Bar – 2 new limited edition gradation eyeshadow colours: No.1 Milkyway Burgundy and No.2 Smoky Dust.


  • Milkyway Fantasy Lip Sleeping Mask – released in 3 new flavours: apple lime, vanilla and grapefruit. (The original berry is also available in the Milkway packaging).
  • Milkyway Fantasy Basic Duo Moisture Set – box of skincare that includes the full size skin refiner and emulsion, and deluxe sample-sized sleeping mask, essence_EX and moisture cream. (I’ve tried a few products in this line already, and while its decent, its not what I’m looking for in my skincare right now).
  • Milkyway Fantasy Water Sleeping Mask (100ml jumbo size) – Laneige’s bestseller which I love but still have an open jar of it.



20161126_143205So when I first saw the collection, this was the most enticing and eye-catching of all. I had been meaning to try the Laneige BB Cushion Whitening version because I’ve been using their Pore Control version for over a year now and I love that one. I would have just bought a refill though, and stuck it in my other cushion case but then this came along and that idea went out the window..

For those that are put off by the name ‘Whitening’, don’t be. This cushion does not bleach or lighten your skin as you might expect when you hear that. In Korean skincare/makeup this word is basically synonymous with ‘brightening’ and the focus isn’t on trying to whiten the skin but even out and brighten your dull, uneven complexion.

I bought this via Koreanbuddy from Laneige for about KRW27,000 (£18/$23). It doesn’t come with a refill unlike their regular line up of cushions (which retail for KRW37-40,ooo). The cushion + refill combo is better value for money but really, who isn’t getting this mainly for the packaging.


1 cushion x15g (no refill for this special edition)

The BB Whitening cushion  features:

  • Sparkling Coat Technology – a light boosting pigment technology developed by Laneige whereby the foundation pigment coats the skin with ultra-fine particles that reflect light by 360 degress to maximise skin brightness. This pearl-coated colour is  then coated with moisturiser to further refract light and brighten complexion, while providing a smooth, moist skin base.
  • Contains the Mela Crusher formula in Laneige’s White Plus Renew Original Essence. This formula contains niacinamide which helps inhibit the growth of melanin and lighten dark skin pigmentation like those pesky sun spots and post-acne scars.
  • This also uses the same hydro ion mineral water in the Laneige Water Bank line to provide moisture to dry skin and strengthen the skin barrier. It claims to prevent moisture from evaporating so your skin won’t be dry even after long hours of wearing makeup.
  • Super Flex Lasting technology that increases the adherence and lasting effect of the formula. It contains an anti-darkening elastic film to protect the makeup and will adhere close to the skin without creasing, even with uneven skin texture.
  • High broad spectrum sun protection SPF50+PA+++

I purchased this in No.21 Beige but it also comes in No. 13 Ivory and No.23 Sand. Keep in mind that Laneige BB cushions run slightly darker so 21 is actually a good fit if you’re usually too dark for 21 but too light for 23.


Soooo stunning!


Shade 21 beige (the non limited edition version has more shade selection separated into warm, cool and neutral tones)


Pinky-gold metallic rim and a light pink base.

The packaging. Is. Stunning. This is basically up there with my Isa Knox cherry blossom and The Face Shop Monsters Inc. This is encased in a pinky-gold case with a beautiful swirling milkyway of blue and pink.

The case is the new upgraded 2016 version so it isn’t compatible with the older Laneige/Amore Pacific brands pre-2016 refills. To be honest there isn’t a big noticeable difference in size when you compare the old and new; in contrast, Etude House and IOPE have managed to slim down their cushion compacts considerably more. I do however prefer the sharper edges and how it fits more comfortably in the palm of your hand.

One of the biggest changes is the cushion inside the case. This has a new 3D skin fit cushion which is more stronger and elastic. The textured ‘honeycomb’ surface also enables you to pick up product more evenly with the puff and have better control over the amount. I have mixed feelings on this. I like the change because with the old design, you would mostly pick up product on the part of the puff where you squished your fingers down on, but now it distributes more evenly to give you an better application. However if you wanted to flip the cushion over to get more product, the other side doesn’t have the textured surface.

I’m also not as keen on the cushion being more elastic; it feels a lot firmer and has more resistance when you push down on it. It contains 15g of product like previous versions but it almost feels like there’s less. After about a week of use I feel like I’m pushing a lot harder but not getting as much product picking up as I did with the old one. However, I will need to use it longer to really test whether it lasts as long.


Milkyway fantasy edition has a cute pink band on the puff (original is usually white)


Diamond ‘honeycomb’ texture helps the air puff pick up product more evenly

As for the formula itself, I’m not too keen on it unfortunately. When you first apply this it makes your skin look really beautiful and smooth. It does adhere to the skin really well, and gives a nice light dewy glow that is just perfect; its not overdone so you don’t need to powder on top of it.

The problem is, because it adheres very close to the skin and has very low coverage it tends to emphasis the skin imperfections as the day wears on. If you have a very uneven, bumpy skin texture, this will make it show. The coverage is so light and natural that it subtly evens out skin tone (although doesn’t fully cover my cheek redness), without looking like you’re wearing any base makeup. Rather than a base that glosses over and smooths out your imperfections, this BB cushion tends to sink  into them and thus accentuate the flaws. (If you have dry skin this will look even worse). I also first tried it out when I was recovering from a combination of allergic reactions and a couple pimples so I had red hyperpigmentation and scars remaining. This barely covered them up.


Before and after: this is with 3 or 4 layers over the scars to try and cover them up but they are still visible

The cushion also wears off a lot by the end of the day (after 8-10 hours wear, my scars and redness are very visible), albeit in a natural-fading way. It sometimes gets a bit streaky and separates in-between my eyebrows and sides of the nose as it gradually mixes with my skin’s natural oil, but that’s normal for me with some other cushions too.

While the BB cushion sets quickly, it does seem slightly ‘heavy’ on the skin and never fully dries down from its tacky finish (although not to the extent that it would transfer and move about if you touch it; it just feels uncomfortable to the touch). It’s not the most lightweight formula as I can definitely feel and sense that it’s on top of my skin. I’m also surprised that while this is meant to be more moisturising than the pore control version (meant for oily skin), I feel this makes my skin feel and look drier. By the 3/4 hour mark my fine lines on the bridge of my nose are already emphasised, it’s looking dry around my chin and my overall skin doesn’t look as smooth. That doesn’t usually happen until at least 8-10 hours usually for a decent cushion. I am using this in winter though, so perhaps it would fare better in warmer climate.

Overall, this reminds me a lot of the TonyMoly BCDation+ cushion because it works in the opposite way. The strengths of that cushion are the flaws in this one and vice versa. My skin texture and scarring have really improved recently (smoother and lighter), so I enjoy using it more when my skin condition is good. It’s suitable for those days you want a very natural no makeup day look and you don’t like overly matte or dewy cushions. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and how well it adheres to the skin because with its sparkling coat technology I expected it to feel and look very dewy and ‘wet’. It also stays true to its claim of being anti-darkening.

Disappointingly, it doesn’t meet its claim of being that long-lasting, or keeping the skin moist for long hours of wear. I have normal skin that leans on the dry side in winter but this still makes my skin feel more taught after only a few hours compared to some of my more matte cushions (e.g.IOPE matte). The coverage however is what I dislike about it the most. I feel like the formula just vanishes into your skin when you apply it (like a tinted moisturiser), as if you didn’t put anything on and it’s even worse that it’s not long-lasting so the coverage becomes even more dismal throughout the day. Even when my skin is clear, I still prefer good coverage to something as minimal as this. This has even lower coverage than the Laneige Pore Control BB cushion.

If you have perfectly clear skin already, and looking for very natural makeup, then this would be a good choice, with a bit of concealer if needed. If you have more problem-prone or dry skin I would stay away from this. I’m still happy I got this just for the case and am glad it doesn’t come with a refill so I can pop in a better cushion after I’m finished with the Whitening one.



Lime green pot contains 20g of product



Comes with the little spatula in an envelope to scoop out product and the info booklet

I have a previous review of the original berry version here if you want an in-depth review of this lip sleeping mask. This is identical to the original in texture, consistency and the effects it provides. The only real difference is the packaging and the scent.  I find this one more fun to use because the bright little green pot is so cute and I love apple flavoured products! It smells so fresh and fruity and the hint of lime goes really well with the apple. When I have this on my lips its so tempting not to lick it off and eat it because of the scent.


Comes with an inner lid to keep the product sanitary


Like the berry, it contains the moisture wrap technology so this is very soothing and moisturising on my dry lips in winter. I use it in a couple of different ways. Firstly I use it as quick treatment before bed by applying a thick layer on my lips, leaving it on for a few hours and then wiping it off before I sleep. If my lips are more chapped and flaky then I will wear it overnight and wash it off in the morning. This is very effective as it will melt and loosen the dead skin and leave me with much softer, moisturised lips. Occasionally if I have time, I will apply during my skincare routine in the morning and then wipe it off after my makeup is done and apply my lipstick/tinted balm. This provides a smoother surface for my lip products to glide on easier without settling into the lip lines.


Looks green in the pot but applies clear on your lips


Sticky and thick consistency like the original berry

This is definitely one of the better Christmas collections  this year, if only for this stunning Milkyway Fantasy theme. If you’re curious about trying any of the products I’d definitely recommend picking it up by the end of the year as this is a limited edition collection which won’t last for long after Christmas is over. Laneige is a very reliable brand for both their skincare and makeup and these would make great gifts for friends and family too.

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