REVIEW: IOPE Air Cushion Blusher (01 Rose Pink)

If you’re ever in Seoul, I recommend a trip down to the IOPE store in Myeongdong because its such an interactive and eye-catchingly designed store that’s its so fun to browse around even if you don’t want to purchase anything. I stumbled across it last October and was excited to discover they also sell cushion blushers alongside their IOPE Air Cushion XP.

The IOPE Air Cushion Blusher claims to give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. It contains 30% or more mineral water XP which helps skin look moisturised, while the natural, revitalizing colour brightens the skin tone. It also adheres smoothly to skin and is long-lasting.


Cushion blusher comes with instruction booklet but refill sold separately.


This provides UV protection of SPF30/PA++ and comes in 2 shades only – 01 Rosy Pink and 02 Peach Sorbet. I went for 01 since pink blush usually suits my skin tone better than coral/peachy shades. It originally retails for KRW 22,000 but I got it on sale for KRW17,600 which was approx.£10/$15. It is fairly pricey for a cushion blusher as it only comes with 9g of product, and doesn’t come with a refill – similar to the Laneige Cushion Highlighter. Unlike the latter, refills are available separately to buy and are interchangeable with the Laneige highlighter compact case.


Smaller circumference than the IOPE Air Cushion XP


IOPE blusher and Laneige highlighter refills interchangeable but the latter has a more bulky case.


Opens up to reveal mirror, air puff sitting on a plastic divider which covers the cushion underneath.


Puff is smaller than for cushion foundations – fits 2 fingers


Can just buy the refills when you finish rather than buy the whole case again – works out cheaper.


I’ve had this for almost a year now and probably only used this 10x or less. I had high expectations for this cushion blusher because the IOPE Air Cushion XP gives a beautiful finish. However, this blushers is quite disappointing because it is just sooo sheer and it definitely does not live up to its claim of being long lasting. The colour is actually really beautiful but when you apply it onto your cheeks you can barely see it and I have to pack on about another 2/3 layers for it show up well (and even then its still sheer). I generally prefer more pigmented blushers but this is more suited to those that like a very subtle, natural, barely there flush.

What I do like is the formula and finish. You can build it up and it will never get cakey or too thick. It is a very watery, thin liquid consistency, so it feels light and breathable on your skin. It applies quite wet so you do have to give it a bit of time to dry down otherwise it will smudge or transfer if you touch it, but then it settles to provide a very dewy, glowy finish. It catches the light nicely so I don’t feel the need to apply highlighter when I wear this.



Watery, light and thin consistency


        Left: In direct natural sunlight/ Right: In darker natural light (2 layers applied initially  – strong colour fades quickly)

Unfortunately, this blusher is almost too thin that it doesn’t last long and by the end of the day I can’t see any colour. It typically lasts 3-5 hours at most but even when I pack on the colour initially, it will always fade to a sheer pink by the 3 hour mark. I will only wear this now if I’m going out for just a few hours and want a very natural look. It’s a definite no no during a work week because it’s lasting power is frankly rubbish.

Overall, I don’t recommend this unless you like a very sheer natural blush and you’re pale enough for this colour to show up. I have fair skin and the visibility still isn’t great. I think dry skin types would especially like this because it doesn’t cake or settle into dry skin and feels very moisturising for winter/cold climates. It might not be ideal for oily skin types because it has that dewy, almost-wet type of look which could just appear to be adding more shine to your face.

I personally won’t repurchase this again when I run out, (unless it was reformulated), because it’s pricey for what little product you’re getting and the colour payoff and longevity just doesn’t make it worth it. A much better, cheaper alternative would be the Missha Tension Blusher which I love.


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