REVIEW: Missha x LINE Friends Tension Blusher (CR02 Rosy Dress)

This post has been in draft mode for the longest time, sorry for the delay in posting. Only two months into my new job and still settling in and trying to juggle my time to be able to keep blogging.

Every so often, Korean beauty brands team up with a non-beauty related brand, for a special edition collection. Usually this means existing beauty products are revamped with limited edition packaging, and sometimes brand new products are released especially for the collaboration.

At the start of this year, Missha  – a roadshop/drugstore beauty brand – teamed up with LINE for the cuuutest collaboration! LINE is basically an instant messaging/phone call service similar to Whatsapp, Wechat, Kakao etc, and is particularly popular in Asian countries like Taiwan, Japan and Korea. LINE has a set of identifiable app stickers known as LINE friends, which are such a big hit, they’ve spawned actual stores full of character merchandise ranging from plushies to stationary.

Missha’s Line Friends Collaboration utilises the two characters Brown (the bear) and Sally (the duck) and have been a huge hit with consumers. They initially released the Brown and Sally M Magic Cushion which I really wanted but couldn’t justify getting it just for the cuteness because I already have that cushion (and is barely touched and comes with 2 extra refills). Nothing else from the rest of the line caught my attention until they brought out these adorable Tension Blushers a couple months ago, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Tension Blusher

cushion collectionshades

The Line Friends Edition Missha Tension Blusher (phew, long name) is available in 6 different shades and I went for shade CR02 Rosy Dress which is the perfect kind of dusty rose pink that I usually prefer for blushers rather than the bright pinks or corals. It’s perfect for my skin tone and is a colour I wish was more common amongst Korean blushers.


CR02 Rosy Dress

My friend picked this up for me when she was in Korea and it was only KRW 11,800 (approx. £6.80/$10). Korean beauty brands are always very generous giving out extra gifts and samples and when she bought this, they also threw in a free Line Friends pocket mirror. For an extra KRW2,900 (£1.60), I was also able to get the Brown bear mug which usually retails for KRW12,000 alone.


Line friends pocket mirror and mug. So cute!

Obviously the main draw of this product is how super cute it is and I love that this bear has blushing red cheeks to reflect that it’s a blusher. The case fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, is sturdy but light and doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap given its price. The clasp closes firmly so you don’t have to worry about this opening accidentally in your bag.



How cute is this puff with Brown on it!

It opens up to reveal what a typical cushion compact looks like. Mirror on the back of the lid, puff sitting on a plastic divider that opens out to reveal the cushion. Except that this isn’t your typical cushion blushers. It is actually a liquid blusher that is dispensed through a mesh net.

I was surprised the first time I tried this because the mesh is so soft and squidgy, I really enjoyed pressing my puff into it. Although you have to be careful not to use too much force as the liquid comes out very easily. I gently press the puff onto it and then pat it onto my cheeks in a continuous motion and it blends really even and smoothly for a flawless look.



Press down on the mesh net with puff to pick up colour


I absolutely LOVE this blusher and find myself reaching it for it on a daily basis. It is great when a product has both cute packaging, is affordable, yet is actually very good quality. I admit, I didn’t have high hopes for this and expected it to be like the IOPE cushion blusher which is very sheer and not long-lasting. This however, is quite pigmented, definitely buildable (sheer if you prefer it), and is really long lasting. At the end of my 12 hour day when I get home from work, I can still see visible colour.

Sometimes with liquid and cream blushers it can be difficult to control the amount and not be heavy handed. I find that even if you go a bit overboard with this (by accidentally pressing your puff too hard into the mesh), the puff allows you to sheer it out by patting away. Also, within half an hour to an hour, the colour does become less intense so I don’t mind applying a bit stronger to start off with since I prefer a more visible pop of colour on my cheeks (while still looking quite natural of course).

DSC04145DSC04150fix 1

And this colour. So so beautiful. I actually wish I had bought more of these if I had known how great the quality would be, because the downside is that this isn’t refillable so once it’s finished, that’s it. (I really do hope Missha make these a permanent line up in their makeup products). When you initially apply, it has a lovely dewy sheen that catches the light in a beautiful way. It dries down quite quick and just feels like your normal skin to the touch, maybe just a tiiny bit of a soft satin finish.

Overall this Missha Tension Blusher is perfect for everyone; newbies to liquid/cream blushers or those more experienced. It provides a natural pink flush and you can build it up from sheer to more intense. The consistency and method of application means it applies straight on your cheeks well blended and even, giving a soft pretty glow. I am in love with this.


  1. May 28, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Looks beautiful on you! I’ve been using another shade of this blush, but it’s so sheer 😭 I looooove the Brown packaging and puff though. –Angela

    • Wan
      June 5, 2016 / 11:38 am

      Aw no thats a shame. I wanted to pick up more shades..which shade do you have?

  2. June 5, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    I have PK02. Definitely a little on the peach side, especially when combined with my yellow undertones.

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