REVIEW: Innisfree Mineral Makeup Base – N0.2 Green

When I use foundation or BB creams with more sheer coverage, it doesn’t always adequately cover up all my redness, so I’ve found the need for a makeup base/concealer that can help reduce the redness I have on my cheeks due to thread veins. This is my first time trying a green base because green best counteracts red.

The Innisfree mineral makeup base was an affordable option to try out first and claims to give you clear radiant skin tone and smooth skin.



No. 2 Vanilla Green – corrects redness

This comes in 3 colour-correcting shades:

  • No.1 Peach – for pale skin to provide a fresh, natural complexion.
  • No.2 Green – reduce redness
  • No.3 Purple – to neutralise yellow skin tone and brighten up.


This is a 4 in 1 multi-base:

  • Skin tone correcting (acts like a concealer as the green neutralises and covers up redness)
  • Primer (conceals pores and provides a smooth canvas for additional makeup)
  • Optimum moisture balance (controls oil/moisture level)
  • Sunscreen (provides broad spectrum sun protection with SPF 30 PA++)


This comes in a green tube with screw off cap, containing 40ml of product that you squeeze out. The small hole allows good control in dispensing the right amount.

I apply after all my skincare, before my foundation and take 2 pea size amounts to cover both cheeks and the sides of my nose where I have redness to conceal. It has a light minty fragrance that reminds me of antibacterial creams. It’s not my favourite smell but it doesn’t really bother me because it’s not that overpowering.



I was very disappointed in this green makeup base and don’t particularly like anything about it. The consistency is so thick and creamy that it feels heavy on my skin. I’m not particularly sure who this would be suitable for because oily/combo skin, especially in summer, would find this suffocates the skin and for those with dry skin its consistency can sink into dry patches and become patchy looking under other makeup. I tried to apply all over my face once and I just couldn’t bear the feeling of it which is why I reverted back to only applying on my red areas.


Green coloured cream out the tube


Creamy consistency that blends out white

Although it does spread quite smoothly considering its thick texture, the results are far from flattering. It does absolutely nothing for redness. Instead it gives you such a horrible white cast that sits atop the skin. If you try to layer on more in an attempt to conceal, it just makes you look even more ghostly pale. I consider myself to be quite pale anyway so this is pretty bad if I’m shocked at how much whiter it makes me. After 10 minutes or so, it does blend in better with my skin tone but you can still see an obvious white cast that doesn’t match my neck, and really, who has time to wait that long for it to colour correct before continuing the rest of your makeup in the morning.


You can see how white it is on the right side of my hand

This definitely can’t work alone as a makeup base either because it doesn’t provide any sort of coverage nor does it even out the skin tone. It really doesn’t do much except whiten the skin and provide UV protection. I haven’t noticed it making my makeup last longer nor controlling oil so this product is a big miss. Unless your face is darker than your neck and you want to brighten it up with this, I don’t recommend it as a base for reducing redness.

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