Beauteque Bag February 2016

Soo, this is my final BB bag of my 3 month subscription that I initially signed up for and while it probably won’t be my last, I’ll more likely be getting it on a month to month basis depending on what the spoilers are for each bag.


What is a Beauteque Beauty Bag?

This is a monthly beauty subscription service from the US-based online Asian beauty retailer, Beauteque. Their BB bags feature 6-8 full size products comprising a mix of Asian skincare, makeup and lifestyle items. They are mostly Korean beauty products but also occasionally originate from Taiwan, Japan, China or America. Each bag is usually valued about $60+ (£40+) but you only pay $24 (£16) per bag. Including shipping charges to the UK ($8.95) I pay £21 in total.

For more info on the subscription service or to sign up, go to their website here.

This month’s bag theme is All About You.



Includes an info card on the products included in the bag, what they are, how to use and their original value.

Each month the products come in a complimentary bag and for February it is black on one side and red on the other. I would like this a lot more if it was just all black as it’s a bit weird to have two different colours and the red satin-like material looks bright and cheap. A bit disappointing that for the past 3 months they’ve given the exact same style bag but just in different colours as I was looking forward to having different varieties but oh well. It is free afterall.


There are 6 products included in this month’s bag and it came in the usual packet envelope and securely wrapped in bubble wrap for the delicate items.


  1. Scinic Honey & Banana Cleansing Foam (Value: $12.99)


Use: Work the face wash into a lather, massage onto skin and rinse off with lukewarm water.

I have somehow managed to accumulate so many cleansing foams in the past few months that I haven’t actively chosen to buy but this makes a nice addition to the collection since I don’t have any that contain honey and banana which are great ingredients – they are moisturising, contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, and soothing for sensitive skin. This also contains apple, lemon, lime and peppermint extract. I’ve tried this a couple times and it’s definitely a keeper because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It lathers up easily and has a thick creamy consistency rather than being foamy. The only thing I dislike is how strongly it smells of banana.

2. Beauteque Exfoliating Brush (Value: $25) 


Use: Apply cleanser onto face, lather it up a bit and swirl brush onto skin.

This month’s beauty tool is a face exfoliating brush that you use when you wash your face and helps you get deep into the skin and pores to reduce dirt and blackhead buildup. It maximises the benefit of your facial wash also so it’s nice that it’s been provided with the Scinic cleansing foam. The bristles are dense but super soft and very gentle on your skin. I can’t see myself using this every day but probably once a week.

3. Lador Sleeping Clinic Ampoule (Value: $4)


Use: Apply ampoule to clean shampooed hair before bed and applying from root to tip.

I really like when Beauteque include Korean hair products because I love trying them and wouldn’t otherwise know about them . This is particularly for if you have dry or damaged hair and is a non-oily formula that reconditions your hair as you sleep. Mine isn’t damaged but it’s usually dry, thick and frizzy. I’ve tried this once and it has a really nice shampoo type scent and is a light creamy gel-like consistency. It absorbs well into my hair and doesn’t make it feel oily or weighed down. It doesn’t do much to tame my frizz but my hair does become so soft and smooth right after applying. The downside is that its effects wear off slightly after about a day and also it’s only 20ml. I wish it were bigger because I have long thick hair and this would only last me a few applications.

4. Anskin Ultimate Solution Modeling Activator (Value: $5)


Use: Sea-water based activator including enriched minerals that enhance the benefits of the Anskin Remodeling Powder Mask (below) when mixed together.

5. Anskin Remodeling Powder Mask (Value: $19)


Use: Mix mask powder with modelling activator and apply to skin for 15/20 mins then peel off and apply toner.

The card says there is a choice of 3 types of powder masks – dual-firming, moisturising or anti-wrinkle but mine says purifying and anti-blemish so maybe I have a fourth type that isn’t listed.

I’m familiar with using sheet masks but I’ve never tried a DIY powder mask that you mix with liquid and ‘paste’ it on your face. I’ve seen demos online though and it looks so fun when it dries and you can peel it off. I haven’t used this yet but I can’t wait to test this out and see how it goes. It will probably be very messy and I’m unsure of the quantity needed but it’s a really big packet of powder so I’ll be able to figure it out with trial and error. The modelling activator will probably run out with 1 or 2 applications since it’s quite a small packet but since you can also mix the powder with water it shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm (Value: $9.99)


There was also the choice of receiving the Skinfood avocado lip balm but I’m glad I got this one because I like rose products and this has such a lovely smell of roses. This is a lightweight lip balm that gives a nice sheer red tint to your lips (though if your lips are naturally quite pigmented you won’t really see it). It’s not heavy or sticky on the lips so it’s a great balm to just wear on a daily basis but it won’t provide enough moisture to hydrate dry cracked lips. It has a nice natural shine that stays for a couple hours but the downside is that you can taste the rose when it’s on your lips which can be quite overbearing after awhile.


Although not as exciting as January’s bag (which was so cute), this is a great selection of products and I would use all of them on a regular basis. Again, some of the prices are slightly marked up and a quick google would bring up various online store where you can get them for cheaper, but this BB bag is still worth more than the money I paid for it. I especially think it’s good value too because I end up really liking and using most of the products and I’ve discovered great little finds through this monthly subscription, that I wouldn’t have otherwise got to know or try out (i.e this month’s Lador hair ampoule and the Anskin powder mask).

This works for people new to K-beauty as you can experience a wide variety of products that are both well known and obscure, as well as more experienced K-beauty enthusiasts because it introduces products and brands that aren’t as well known outside of Korea. I had never tried Scinic before getting BB bags but they regularly feature an item from this brand every month and I find I’m really liking all their products.

However, as I mentioned at the start of this post, this is the last month of my 3 month subscription and I’m actually glad it came at a good time because the spoilers for the March bag is focused on moisturising and hydrating skin. I don’t usually have trouble with dry skin so I don’t want to be inundated with more moisturisers (as you know from the December BB bag, they already gave 2 creams I have still barely used yet). The March BB bag also includes the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream which I’ve just finished and reviewed before here, and currently trying out different eye creams, so I’m not that eager to receive another even though I did like it.

So while I still really enjoy these BB bags I’ve decided to just judge it month to month on what the spoilers are and if I like the look of it then I’ll just purchase that particular month’s without having to commit to a subscription. I have enough winter skincare products for now though so I will probably hold out and wait for their spring/summer curated BB bags.


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