Mediheal Kiwi Apple Ade Mask

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I was really excited last weekend because I found my first physical Korean shop in central London that sells sheet masks. The Centre Point Food Store on New Oxford Street sells primarily Korean and Japanese food but they had a small Korean beauty section at the back of the shop. While they had a limited variety, and none of the bigger Korean roadshop brands, they had a lot of Mediheal masks. I’ve not tried them before but I know they’re well known for their ‘Dress Code’ masks. They had them there but I went for their cheapest and also cutest packaged masks. I got 4 of the 6 flavours, (pomegranate, lemon, acai berry, pumpkin, cacao & kiwi apple) at 89p each.

Kiwi Apple Ade Mask


Such a cutely packaged mask in the shape of a kiwi apple drink

My skin wasn’t in the best condition when I decided to use this. It was dull and rough looking. This mask contains apple and kiwi extract to help cleanse and soothe troubled skin and clear out the pores to make it feel comfortable and clean. I like it has a checklist on the back to show what the mask specifically targets. This one is: pore care and clearing.


Checklist highlights the purpose of the mask: pore care & clearing



There’s a lot of moisturising ingredients in this sheet mask and I particularly like that it contains allantoin which increases the smoothness of skin, is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing of scars.

I applied after toning my face and I immediately noticed how comfortable and fitting it was on my face. It was fairly thick material but it held a lot of essence and was soft and stretchy. The front of the packet says the mask is made from Tencel which is what allows it to fit the contours of the face well, provide intensive skin care and softly deliver the effects of the enriched-essence.


Tencel masks hold more essence than cotton.

Tencel is great for sheet masks because of their high absorbency compared to cotton masks, its ability to regulate temperature and it is hygienic and hypoallergenic (high comfort for sensitive skin).

It recommends 15-20 minutes but I applied this mask for about 25 minutes and it adhered so well I was able to move around freely in it. It was a nice fit, slightly bigger for my face as it reached into my hairline on the sides of my forehead but good size for the nose and eye area. I could have worn it for longer because the mask hadn’t gone dry to the point of discomfort yet, but because I was sitting up, a lot of the essence had traveled to the bottom of the mask so it was dripping from the chin area. I would suggest lying down would be most effective when using this.


Patterned texture on the mask. Soft, stretchy, retains a lot of moisture and adheres well.

It smelt very pleasant too. Not quite as fresh as natural apples but more of a sweet perfume apple scent.

When I removed the mask there was a lot of essence left on the face to pat in but it didn’t leave a sticky residue but absorbed well and left my skin feeling highly moisturised. It took about an hour for my skin to feel like it could absorb more moisture so I continued with the rest of my skincare routine.

If I had gone to bed soon after using this sheet mask I probably wouldn’t have needed to apply anything else after it.

My skin did look much cleaner and refreshed overall but my pores didn’t have a major change although they weren’t much of a problem to begin with. It just created a nice even skin tone and my skin felt smoother.

Overall, this mask was much better than I thought it would be considering how cheap it was. There was about half a teaspoon of essence remaining in the packet which I used on my legs and the mask was able to hold so much moisture. I really like this Tencel material. After removing, I squeezed the mask and there was still quite a bit of essence left from it. I would definitely go back to get more of these and I can’t wait to try the other ones I got.

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