Skinfood Everyday Facial Mask Sheet – Tomato

I love pampering my face with a nice sheet mask and I’ve enjoyed many good ones over the past few months that I’ve been using them. Some better than others for different reasons, but overall, I’ve liked the results they’ve given. I haven’t yet had one that I’ve truly disliked. Enter the Skinfood Everyday Facial Mask Sheet in Tomato.


This is the first sheet mask I’ve tried from the brand Skinfood and I went for tomato initially since they’re full of antioxidants and contain Vitamin C which is known to brighten and purify the skin. It also counteracts redness which is why i wanted to try it.


Claims to be a non-greasy mask containing tomato extract and helps to smooth and purify the skin.

This mask doesn’t smell anything like tomatoes, it has a pleasant perfume scent that isn’t overbearing.

One thing I notice about this mask is that it isn’t drenched in excess serum. With some masks there’s extra at the bottom of the packet that you can use elsewhere on the body but this only has enough to fully saturate the mask itself.


No excess serum

It is a much thicker material than most other cotton masks (I usually prefer thinner masks because I feel my skin absorbs it better), and is also the first I’ve used that has slightly raised patterns all over it.

The mask actually fits my face very well. Enough to cover my entire forehead and the sides of my face. The eye holes are a good size – not too small not too big, and it reaches just above the tip of my nose. While it is a good fit, and doesn’t slip and slide around my face, the fold under my chin annoyingly doesn’t stay down and keeps unfolding and moving around that area.


Raised wavy patterns on mask

It is recommended to wear for 10-15 mins but I usually go for about 30 minutes to get the most out of a mask. However, after about 15-20 minutes the dryness becomes quite irritating so I have to remove it. There is a bit of serum left on the face and as you massage, it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky feeling behind.


Now what results did I get? Certainly not what I was expecting.

For starters, it’s not very hydrating or moisturising which is the main purpose of sheet masks. Once the serum has been absorbed my face doesn’t feel like it’s had adequate hydration. With some other masks my skin feels so hydrated and plump I can just skip the rest of my skincare routine. I can’t with this. When I apply my skincare, my skin drinks everything up easily when usually it would take longer to absorb.

Secondly, instead of reducing redness and purifying the skin, this mask causes redness! My boyfriend tried this out with me at the same time and we both had similar results even with different skin types so I knew it wasn’t just an issue with me. My cheeks and nose became covered in splotchy red patches and certainly did not feel and look smooth and calm at all. It was like a bad case of rosacea. As for my bf he had it just as bad. His entire forehead and jaw area became red exactly in the outline of where the mask had been. It was as if he had been in the sun too long and suffered sunburn.


You can clearly see the outline of where his mask had been as it caused some shocking redness.

Thankfully there was no stinging or burning sensation and apart from looking red, it did gradually fade.

However, the next morning I had broken out on my cheek with a big red itchy spot. I knew it was this mask because 1 – my current skincare routine has been the same for a couple months and nothing in there has irritated my skin before and 2 – I never break out on my cheek area, it’s always either my chin or forehead.

Not only did I not see any results it claimed to have, it was far from moisturising even with my oily skin and made my skin look horrible as if I had a rash. I didn’t actually expect to look like a tomato. I do not recommend this and I don’t think I will try the rest of the ‘flavours’ from this Skinfood line. There are much better sheet masks on the market.


  1. January 19, 2016 / 8:21 am

    Ouch! That sounds like a sucky experience; I am sorry it happened to you guys. What do you think there is on the list of ingredients that might have caused this reaction?

    • wantastic90
      January 19, 2016 / 6:48 pm

      I’m wondering that myself. The back of the packet only lists two ingredients: tomato extract and phenoxyethanol which is a preservative. I’m sure its something else in there that they haven’t bothered to mention. Though it could be the tomato maybe…but I’ve read other accounts of people using the Skinfood avocado mask and also getting the redness.

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