New blog, first post

Sooo, I’m finally inspired enough to start this blog.

I’ve created a few in my time. About dramas I’m crazy about, my travels around the world etc. But I’ve never had the motivation or will power to see the blog through after its creation. Probably because I still hadn’t found something I was super passionate to write about.

But after turning 25 and going away on holiday to Seoul, South Korea for my birthday trip with my boyfriend, I suddenly found inspiration while dragging the poor boy around the city for shopping. And what was this shopping trip for? Buying beauty, skincare and cosmetic products of course!

I’ve always been quite immersed in Korean culture since I was a young teenager and was always aware what a big phenomenon K-beauty and skincare was, but for some reason never really paid full attention to it until recently. This was triggered by my decision to quit my job (for the past 2 years) as a flight attendant.


Everyone knows flying isn’t great on the skin – being trapped in a metal tube day in day out on a regular basis with bad recycled air, low oxygen and dry air conditioning. Coupled with constant time zone changes and irregular sleeping and eating habits, I’m convinced it’s taken its toll not only on my health but my skin condition. So being more concerned and less lazy about taking care of my skin and wanting to reverse the negative effects my skin has been through, naturally led me to Korean products and its infamous skincare routine that can be up to 10-12 steps long. I will be completely changing up my skincare and beauty regime and see what happens. ^^

So for now, I have inspiration to blog about my skincare and makeup journey, and I guess we’ll see where it takes us in the future.

But for now – happy reading! 😀



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